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Your oral health is our number one priority. At our clinic, we want to ensure your semi-annual visits are consistent so that your teeth are healthy.

We want to make each service as comfortable as possible so that we don’t have you treat you with a dreadful root canal. 

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What is a Root Canal?

At the centre of all our teeth is the nerve canal, more commonly called the pulp. When nerves die or become infected, this leads to pain and swelling. When experiencing a toothache, Our Dentists can examine your tooth to provide an effective solution. Root Canal treatment may be a result of:

  • Deep decay and cavities
  • Spreading Infection
  • Trauma 
  • Fracture or cracks in the tooth

There are three major steps to a root canal procedure. Anesthesia, cleaning the dead or infected nerve, and filling the canal.

Our Dentists will work with you to explain the treatment options, the procedure and its purpose. We strive to make the procedure as comfortable as possible and offer options including oral sedation when suitable.

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