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Our goal is long term oral health. We love making your visits comfortable and educational. Gum health, also known as “Gingival Health”, is often overlooked, and healthy gums are the foundation to supporting healthy teeth. 

Come in for regular check-ups and professional cleanings to maintain optimal oral health and smile more with confidence!

Is it time for a dental visit?

We recommend having your oral health examined every six months. 

This allows us to monitor your oral health and oral hygiene practices, while keeping teeth clean and free from buildup.  Clean teeth contribute to long term health of the gums, and our dental hygienists can educate and help you achieve it.

During your checkup, Our Team of Dentists and hygienists not only assess your teeth, but your gums and head and neck region, as well as performing regular oral cancer screening.

This may include x-rays of your teeth and jaws to give us a clear picture of underlying structures.

With a gentle touch, our hygienist will remove any calculus (also known as tartar) and plaque build-up on your teeth and below your gums. This ensures a clean surface that allows for maintenance of healthy gums in the long term.

We use both ultrasonic scalers and hand instruments to achieve a thorough cleaning.

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After a thorough cleaning and flossing, we polish your teeth to give that smooth feeling and sparkle!

We top it all off with a protective coat of fluoride which helps strengthen your enamel and slow the formation of cavities.

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