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Missing teeth? Implants can fill the gap, restoring your smile.

An implant is surgically inserted into your jawbone, replacing the root of the tooth. This provides a base to put a crown on – giving you the look and function of a natural tooth. Implants can be used to hold dentures in place or fill a gap from a missing tooth. If well taken care of, implants can last a lifetime as they do not decay like your own teeth that support bridges can.

Tooth loss leads to bone loss, which may require a more complicated treatment in the future. If you are thinking of replacing a missing tooth, it is best to discuss your options sooner.

Is it time for a dental visit?

We recommend having your oral health examined every six months. 

This allows us to monitor your oral health and oral hygiene practices, while keeping teeth clean and free from buildup.  Clean teeth contribute to long term health of the gums, and our dental hygienists can educate and help you achieve it. 

Implants are imitation teeth surgically placed in your jawbone where they serve as the roots of missing teeth. The implants integrate with your jawbone, keeping the restorations from slipping, making noise, or causing bone damage the way fixed bridgework or dentures might. And the materials can’t decay like your own teeth that support bridges can. Once restored, the implant supported crowns behave just like natural teeth, and restore function and aesthetics to the previously “toothless” areas.

Implants may be right for you if you:

  • Have one or more missing teeth.
  • Are unable or unwilling to wear dentures.
  • Want to improve your speech.

We want to ensure your long term oral health. That is why our dentists offer Implant Supported Dentures for those who qualify for them.

Implant supported dentures are just that, dentures supported by implants surgically placed into the jaw. When tooth roots are missing, the jawbone will shrink unless an alternative form of stimulation is provided. The most important benefit is the stimulation they provide to the jawbone. Dental implants halt bone atrophy, helping your jaw to maintain its shape and strength. They also snap on and off, and can be removed nightly to make cleaning much easier.

Come in for a consultation to discuss the health benefits, and if you qualify for implant supported dentures.

In addition to looking and functioning like a natural tooth, Single Tooth Implants also replace a tooth without sacrificing the health of neighbouring teeth. Other treatments for the loss of a single tooth – bridges – require that adjacent teeth be ground down. Implants integrate with your jawbone, keeping the bone healthy and intact. Gums also form themselves around the implanted tooth, keeping bacteria from decaying the tooth.


Implanted Supported Bridges are recommended for individuals missing several teeth in a row who want an attractive, functional, long-term solution. Unlike conventional fixed bridges or removable partials, implant supported bridges won’t require support from your healthy surrounding teeth. This keeps your surrounding teeth looking healthy the way they are, while providing artificial teeth to keep you smiling happy.

Our team can consult you on the best options for implant supported bridges, and if they are the right solution for you.